Thursday, 25 August 2011

R2R - South of the Equator

Welcome to the Southern hemisphere!

We’ve made it beyond the Equator, so are very nearly there – less than 100 miles to the Rwandan border, then about another 20 miles to Shyira, our final destination.

By co-incidence, tomorrow we’ll have a visitor from Rwanda. Dr Caleb King is an American doctor, who has spent the last 7 or 8 years in Shyira with his family. Until recently, Caleb was the director of Shyira hospital, so was one of our points of contact in Rwanda. He and 2 of his daughters are visiting the UK to meet up with his parents who are visiting from the US. While here, they are paying a flying visit to Formby, so it will be a good chance to catch up, and to hear his plans for the future.

Good running everyone - soon time to put our feet up!

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