Friday, 19 August 2011

R2R - 4000 miles - only 240 to go

Another week, another landmark – we passed the 4000 mile mark on Thursday evening, and at the last reckoning, have reached 4011 miles. Thanks to everyone still logging their miles, we’ve only got a couple of landmarks to go, and we’ll finally be at our destination.

Next up is the equator, at 4120 miles; then it’s downhill to the Rwandan border, at 4225 miles; finally reaching Shyira at 4245 miles.

Actually it’s 4244.58 miles – 4245 would take us past our target, and down the precipitous hillside to the market at Vunga! We don’t want any more accidents at this late stage !

I’ve been struggling for the last 10 days, having strained my medial knee ligament – and I wasn’t even running. I had been planning a 20 mile training run last weekend, but that had to be postponed. Hopefully, I’ll be OK for this weekend, otherwise I think I can forget about an autumn marathon for this year.

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend, and if you're training, I hope your plans are on track – if you’ve been injured, take it easy, and if you’ve been ill, get well soon.
Thanks again – we’re almost there!!

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