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Santa Dash - how did it go ?

Before I get to the serious business of totting up proceeds (should be several hundred pounds), here's a brief report on the day's events. On arrival, the place was heaving. The sight of thousands of Santas milling about (they reckon about 7000), is about as surreal a sight as you can imagine. But I managed to get near the front, and had a good run. Ran strongly, and wasn't overtaken, apart from a few near the start, and a couple of sprinters at the finish. Felt so good at the end, that instead of going for a warm-down, decided to run the route again, to soak up some of the atmosphere. Started passing tail-enders after just a few hundred metres ! Admittedly they were walking on stilts, or pushing beds or prams, but I was pretty soon back in the main body of the joggers. Sight was amazing - route took you along a section of flyover, a short section of streets, then back along an adjacent flyover. Just masses of Santas heading in both directions. Awesome ! Spoke to the organ

Santa Dash, Santa Dash - so good I ran it twice

As reported in the Liverpool Daily Post: click here and look for 'Formby'

Liverpool Santa Dash - online sponsorship

Now 2 ways to sponsor me online: either via or on this page - see 'My Appeal' to the right

Who's that bloke with Pete Morgan ?

Oh no ! It's Kenny Dalglish !! This photo was taken after the 2nd Santa Dash in 2005. Kenny Dalglish ran in 2004 and 2005, as one of the nominated charities was the Marina Dalglish Appeal, set up by Kenny's wife Marina, to provide breast cancer care at University Hospital Aintree.

Liverpool Santa Dash

If you have an entry for this year's Liverpool Santa Dash and you want to run it in aid of the Shyira Trust, please go to and follow the 'Become an online fundraiser' link. If you want to sponsor me to run it, go to my personal fund-raising page at If you haven't yet got an entry, you can download an entry form, or enter online at When you've entered, please come back, and become an online fundraiser - then please try to raise as much as possible Thanks for your interest

See the maternity hospital

As it was, and as it is now - and help sponsor a mid-wife !


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Since 2001, we have: raised approx £25,000 to rebuild the Maternity hospital paid for a nurse to train as a midwife supported numerous Maternity and Safe Motherhood projects We are committed to raising another £8,000 over 3 years to pay for Midwifery training. The Maternity extension will cost over £20,000 - over however long it takes. But don't be put off by the big numbers - at the other end of the scale, £20 will pay for a Caesarean section, and £2 will pay for a normal delivery. Every penny received by Shyira Trust goes to the projects it was intended for, so please be generous. Even a few pounds can save a life - small change makes a big difference. Please support one of our team members by clicking a link below, or support the whole team, by clicking the following link: Team Rwanda The whole team .... Jane Morgan Lilian Brignull Judith Hulse Mary O'Brien Liliana Pantoja Peter Morgan Stewart Brignull Steve Hulse Liam O'Brien Mike Clarke Sa


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Recycle for Rwanda

Shyira Trust can benefit if you recycle your old mobile phone, or your old inkjet cartridge. The charity will receive £1 for each original inkjet cartidge and 50% of the recycling value for any mobile phones received from you or your friends. There are three reasons why you should consider recycling these items. Firstly it's free of charge. Secondly it helps raise funds for Shyira Trust. Thirdly it helps the environment and shows you or your organisation are socially responsible. Click here , or the small button to the right, to recycle your old inkjet cartridge or your old mobile phone. Please take a few moments to fill in your details, and Recycle for Rwanda


What is running4rwanda ? Is running4rwanda a charity ? What is Shyira Trust ? Who is running4rwanda ? Is it only for running ? How do I collect sponsorship ? Are all events covered ? Who are Bmycharity ? What events are registered ? Can anyone join in ? Is it only for good runners ? Is it just like a running club ? Could it become a running club ? How can I find out more ? What is running4rwanda ? running4rwanda is my blog, which I set up in connection with fund-raising efforts for projects in Shyira, Rwanda. I use the blog to publicise running events I am entering, and to report on progress on my fund-raising. The first event was the 2008 Liverpool Santa Dash, and I raised over £400 which has gone towards Midwifery education fees in Shyira. top Is running4rwanda a charity ? No, it is my own personal project, although it does have close links with a small charity, Shyira Trust. top What is Shyira Trust ? Shyira Trust is a small charity based in Formby, North-West

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Are YOU running a race, or taking part in a challenging event ? Are YOU willing to raise funds for Shyira Trust by raising sponsorship ? Then get signed up ! Although this blog was set up to report on MY fund-raising exploits, anyone can join in, and I'll report any fund-raising being carried out, so long as I have the details. Also, I'll provide an on-line sponsorship facility, so long as I know about the event. If you are running in a race already covered, then go to and follow the link to 'Become on online fundraiser'. Once you have done this, you will have your own personal fund-raising page which you can tell your supporters about. If you are running a race that is NOT already featured, tell me about it through the 'Contact me' link, and I'll get the events list updated, so that you can start fund-raising as above. I will of course post any news about any fund-raising by anyone, so any feedback, reports or photos is most

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About me

I have been running for over 25 years, having done my first run (actually run-walk-jog-walk) on Good Friday 1984. I ran my first race, the Mersey Marathon, in September of that year, and joined my first running club the following year. Since then, I have run many marathons, half marathons, 10-milers, 10k's, track races, cross-country races and even fell races. I have run in all weathers, in many countries and on 3 continents. My connection with Rwanda is more recent, dating back to 2000 when a friend visited Rwanda. His descriptions of his experiences, and his photos led to a group of 11 people from Formby visiting Rwanda in 2001. My wife and I were among that group, and we have been back several times since, the most recent being in January 2011. I am one of the founder trustees of the Shyira Trust, a Formby-based charity whose aims are the relief of poverty, the provision of healthcare and the advancement of education in Rwanda. These blogs attempts to combine 2 of my major


The purpose of this blog is to pass on news and views relating to charity work being carried on in Shyira, a small village in North-West Rwanda. More specifically, it is intended to publicise events (usually running) being used to raise funds for Rwanda I will publish anything I feel is relevant, and invite you to link through to the website of a small charity of which I am one of the founder trustees. I will give info on its work, on any new fundraising efforts, and will also give details of any forthcoming events and any achievements by the charity or any of our supporters. Shyira Trust works to relieve poverty, promote health, and advance education in Rwanda, especially in and around Shyira. This blog will report on many events and achievements, primarily, but not exclusively, those related to maternal health, midwifery training and safe motherhood. Thanks - now feel free to see details of the work of the Shyira Trust, especially the work for the Maternity Hospital - http://shyi