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RunLiverpool Marathon

After the trials and tribulations of 'Running2Rwanda', running a marathon should be like a stroll in the park. The RunLiverpool Marathon takes place on 9th October - the first time Merseyside has had its own marathon since the demise of the Mersey Marathon in the early 1990's. The Mersey Marathon was my first marathon when I started running in 1984, and this was to be my 3rd marathon in 3 years, after Windermere in 2009 and Chester in 2010. However, it wasn't to be - the combination of injury and work commitments meant my training was seriously curtailed in August and September, leaving me no alternative but to change my plans. But we do have someone running the event for us. Jane Wilson will be running her first-ever marathon, and has kindly volunteered to try to raise funds in aid of Shyira Trust. If you would like to support Jane, and at the same time support Shyira Trust, please visit her fund-raising page . Every penny raised by Shyira Trust goes to the pro