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Windermere Marathon - one month on

I spoke too soon - I came down with a chest infection, and missed almost 3 weeks of running, so am only just getting back to running. After my last post, I had a couple more runs - one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, but the last one was a real struggle, and I didn't run again until yesterday. I even had blood tests, and got sent for a Chest x-ray, but there was nothing too serious, so after 2 courses of antibiotics, got the all clear. Hopefully, if I take it easy over the next couple of weeks, I should be back to decent training, and possibly racing within a few weeks. I have now closed the fundraising - a grand total of £417 was raised which has gone towards midwifery training, midwife support and safe motherhood projects in Shyira, Rwanda. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me - your generosity is appreciated, and has helped countless women and children unable to help themselves.

Mystery 5k

Second of 5-race series, but suffering from illness, so will miss this one as well