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Santa Dash - how did it go ?

Before I get to the serious business of totting up proceeds (should be several hundred pounds), here's a brief report on the day's events. On arrival, the place was heaving. The sight of thousands of Santas milling about (they reckon about 7000), is about as surreal a sight as you can imagine. But I managed to get near the front, and had a good run. Ran strongly, and wasn't overtaken, apart from a few near the start, and a couple of sprinters at the finish. Felt so good at the end, that instead of going for a warm-down, decided to run the route again, to soak up some of the atmosphere. Started passing tail-enders after just a few hundred metres ! Admittedly they were walking on stilts, or pushing beds or prams, but I was pretty soon back in the main body of the joggers. Sight was amazing - route took you along a section of flyover, a short section of streets, then back along an adjacent flyover. Just masses of Santas heading in both directions. Awesome ! Spoke to the organ

Santa Dash, Santa Dash - so good I ran it twice

As reported in the Liverpool Daily Post: click here and look for 'Formby'

Liverpool Santa Dash - online sponsorship

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