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Poverty Relief in Rwanda

Poverty is part of a vicious circle, also including health and education – without education, people cannot find work. Without work, they cannot afford healthcare. Without health, they cannot hold down a job. And so the cycle goes on. The relief of poverty is a way of breaking the vicious circle. Directly or indirectly, all the projects we fund are aimed at poverty relief in Rwanda. We do not give handouts to individuals, but support projects to achieve sustainable development. We have funded coffee growing, a long-term project to lift the whole community out of poverty. We have rebuilt or refurbished the homes of child-headed families, so they can afford education and healthcare costs. Over 100 children from the poorest families have had their school fees paid, relieving their families of the expense of education. All these projects, and the many others we support, are in keeping with the Millennium Development Goals and are having a noticeable effect on the area around Shyir