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R2R - Bank Holiday roundup

It's been a bit quiet of late - I've been away, with limited internet & email access. It's been a busy time in my absence, so belated congratutions to Sheri on her PB at the Edinburgh marathon, and to BB and Nadhim on their season's bests at White Peak and Windermere respectively. Nadhim was agonisingly close to a PB, and I know the Windermere marathon course, so to get anywhere near a PB is quite an achivement. Maybe a 10k PB at the Race for Japan is some consolation. Also getting a 10k PB - Rebecca, at the London 10000 metres. Well done all of you, and anyone I may have missed. We've left Europe far behind, and have crossed the Mediterranean, passing Malta, and crossing the coast of Libya in the last few days. We've currently logged over 1900 miles, with still some more to be logged. We're nearly half way to our target, so if I can get a couple more recruits, we'll soon be speeding clear of Libya, and across the rest of Africa to ou

Round-up 12th May

Well done everyone on all those miles - a couple of 20-milers, an 18-miler, Lichfield Half-marathon, even a half marathon on a treadmill! Congratulations to anyone who has got a new job, and well done to everyone  involved  with IDoM conference last week: report and video here We have had 2 visitors from Rwanda with us for the last couple of weeks, so lots of running around, but not much running from your's truly. There were supposed to be 3 visitors, but the Border Agency in Nairobi and British High Commission in Kigali conspired against us, so we will get Robina over at a later date. Almost 1400 miles done, passing between Tunisia and Sicily. Good luck if you've got any races coming up, and as usual, thanks for staying with us.