Round-up 12th May

Well done everyone on all those miles - a couple of 20-milers, an 18-miler, Lichfield Half-marathon, even a half marathon on a treadmill!
Congratulations to anyone who has got a new job, and well done to everyone  involved  with IDoM conference last week: report and video here

We have had 2 visitors from Rwanda with us for the last couple of weeks, so lots of running around, but not much running from your's truly. There were supposed to be 3 visitors, but the Border Agency in Nairobi and British High Commission in Kigali conspired against us, so we will get Robina over at a later date.

Almost 1400 miles done, passing between Tunisia and Sicily.

Good luck if you've got any races coming up, and as usual, thanks for staying with us.


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