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And then there were 2 ...

It's not just me - someone else is Running for Rwanda! James Partridge has kindly volunteered to run the Manchester 10k on May 17th - the same day that I run the Windermere Marathon. We are both running to raise funds for Shyira Trust, in particular raising funds for Midwifery training, the extension to the Maternity Hospital, and other safe motherhood projects. We are committed to raising £10,000 over 4 years to pay for Midwifery training. The Maternity extension will cost over £20,000 - over however long it takes. At the other end of the scale, £15 will pay for a Caesarean section, and £1.50 will pay for a normal delivery. Every penny received by Shyira Trust goes to the projects it was intended for, so please be generous. Even a few pounds can save a life - small change makes a big difference. To support James, in his first ever race, please click here . To support me, celebrating 25 years of running, please click here . Thank you for your support

25th Running Anniversary

I've just realised - Monday was the 25th anniversary of my first run! I did my first run (actually run-walk-jog-walk-stagger) on 20th April (Good Friday) 1984. How did I miss that ? But more to the point, how should I celebrate ? Maybe the Windermere Marathon is my belated way of celebrating. If you want to help me celebrate, join in by sponsoring me to run here or use the 'my appeal' widget on the right - all the money is used for Midwifery training and Safe Motherhood projects in Shyira, Rwanda

Windermere Marathon

I'm leaving behind the flat training runs around Formby, to take part in one of the hilliest road races in the country – the Windermere Marathon on May 17th - and hoping to raise funds for Shyira Trust, for their work in Shyira, Rwanda. In particular, helping to fund the training of a new midwife, the extension of the maternity hospital, and other safe-motherhood projects. When the new maternity hospital was completed in 2004, there were still no midwives, so Jane set up a scholarship to train a local nurse. The first recipient of this scholarship was Robinah, and she has completed her training and is now working back in Shyira, but she needs the support of more midwives. Jane has just returned from attending Robinah’s graduation, and spent a week working alongside her in the maternity hospital. The maternity is always full to capacity, so needs an extension. Also, Robinah is working on her own, and is on call 24 hours a day, so the training of the next midwife is also a priority.

Southport Good Friday races

Well that was over quickly ! Not the longest of races (4 miles), everyone takes it seriously, and it seems to be over in a flash, even if it is a couple of laps long. It was good to see some old freinds, and rekindle some old rivalries. More importantly, a few more people are now aware of this site, so will keep coming back from time to time. Results are here . I was 90th out of 185, in a time of 26:24 - not bad for an old 'un !

Southport Good Friday Races

It's April, so in keeping with doing at least one race a month, here's this month's offering - a 4-mile road race in and around Vicoria Park in Southport. There are, in fact, 3 races - a family fun run, a Ladies 4-mile race, and a Men's 4-mile race. All are well supported, so there should be quite a crowd. I've not done any fundraising, but will use the races to publicise this website - hopefully there'll be some response, and it may encourage other people to become involved in running for Rwanda.