Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Liverpool Santa Dash 2010

Our team now consists of 15 supporters!
And we're easy to spot - we have the numbers 1 to 15!
If you couldn't join the team, you can always help our cause - Midwifery training and Safe Motherhood in Rwanda. Just make a donation, big or small, and leave the rest to us.

Small change can make a big difference, so click on one of the links below, and make it happen.

It's back, and it's bigger and better than ever - the Liverpool Santa Dash.
What's more, Shyira Trust now has 15 supporters taking part - to raise funds for Midwifery and Maternity projects in Shyira, Rwanda (click here for details).

Please support one of our team members, or support the whole team, by clicking the following link: Team Rwanda
The whole team ....
Jane Morgan
Lilian Brignull
Judith Hulse
Mary O'Brien
Liliana Pantoja

Peter Morgan
Stewart Brignull
Steve Hulse
Liam O'Brien
Mike Clarke

Sally Williams
Cheryl Moran
Martin Baxter

(and others)
Whether you support the whole team, or one of the team members, you can be assured that every penny received by Shyira Trust goes to the project it was intended for. No rents, no salaries, no overheads - just 100% commitment to the people of Shyira.

If you already have an entry for the Liverpool Santa Dash, and would like to join us,
click Sign up, or Contact me to find out more details.