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Liverpool Half Marathon

Sadly, I am unable to take part in this year's Liverpool Half Marathon, which takes place on 29th March - I will be at Manchester airport ! I am not jetting off anywhere exotic, but I am there to pick up Jane who has been in Rwanda to attend Robinah's graduation ceremony. Robinah was the first nurse to benefit from the scholarship set up by Jane 4 years ago, and is now a qualified midwife, and is back in Shyira, working in the maternity hospital. Good luck to Robinah in her new career as a midwife, and good luck to everyone taking part in the Liverpool Half Marathon. Liverpool Half Marathon was going to be my main fund-raising event of Spring, but I guess I'll have to set my sights elsewhere. If you have a suggestion for an alternative event, or if you would like to help to raise funds for the next midwife undergoing training, or if you would just like to find out more, please follow the appropriate link above (e.g. Contact me , Sign up or FAQ's ). Thank you for takin

Red Nose Day 5k

Well, that was surprisingly good - in more ways than one ! Apart from initial contact, I hadn't seen any publicity about the run, and half expected to be lining up on the start line with just a handful of friends and colleagues, but was amazed to get there and find dozens lining up alongside me. At a guess, there were over 100 there, so Comic Relief should benefit to the tune of about £800, maybe more. Well done to everyone who turned up. On a personal note, I was hoping for about 22 minutes, but expected to struggle, due to health problems, but somehow managed to conjure up a half-decent performance from somewhere, finishing with a time of 20:41. It must be that new running 4 rwanda running vest which was appearing for the very first time ! NB: Official results are here - there were 132 finishers, raising £899. Well done, one and all