Monday, 24 August 2009

Dancing 4 Rwanda !

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Birchwood 10k

This was another opportunity to raise awareness, rather than raise funds. Of course, if you want to help us in our fund-raising efforts, you're more than welcome, but more of that later.

From less than 100 runners in my last race, this was a chance to get the running4rwanda name in front of up to 1000 runners. If only 3% of the runners noticed the web address, and only 3% of those visited the web-site, then that's 1 extra reader. If you are that 1 extra reader, then thank you for visiting, and thanks for reading this far.

Please take a few minutes to find out a little about the site by reading some of the entries, and looking at FAQs. If you want to join us, or find out a little bit more about us, please follow the Contact me link.

If you would like to make a donation, no matter how big or small, there is an appeal open at . Please feel free to make an online donation, or if you would rather send a cheque, please use the 'Contact me' link, and I'll give you all the details.

All money received will go to the Maternity and Safe Motherhood projects - every penny received by Shyira Trust goes to the projects, and every penny is vital.

(PS This was my 1st 10k this year. I did a time of 42:54 - exactly the same time as 2 years ago!)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mystery 5k

It'a August, and I'm racing again. As ever, it was a fast and furious 5k, with no time to catch your breath. I managed a half-respectable 20:46, which I am quite pleased about in the circumstances.

But this site is not a Running site. The most important part of running4rwanda is not the 'running' part, but the 'rwanda' part. The only reason for this site, as explained elsewhere, is to raise awareness of fund-raising projects to raise funds for Shyira Trust, in particular for Maternity services, Safe Motherhood and Midwifery training.

I know times are hard - I am out of work myself - but if you feel you would like to make a donation, no matter how big or small, please go to my fund-raising page at and make an online donation. If you would prefer to make a donation by cheque, or would like to know more about Shyira Trust, please use the 'Contact me' link above, and I'll tell you more.

Please be assured that every penny received by Shyira Trust goes to fund the projects in Shyira, Rwanda - there are no overheads, no salaries, no rents.

A little goes a long way in Rwanda, so whether you can afford £1 or £100, you can be sure that is doing some good - a few pennies can save a life.