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Child Education in Rwanda

Children in Rwanda have a thirst for knowledge, and a hunger for education - education is a route out of poverty, both on an individual basis, and for society in general. Primary education is free in Rwanda, but conditions are not always in place to provide the service. Secondary education has to be paid for, and although it is subsidised, it sometimes involves boarding, adding to the cost. Add to that the fact that some children are heads of families, and have to provide for younger siblings, it is easy to see that universal child education is still a long way off. Shyira Trust has supported projects to help enable child education in Rwanda, specifically in Shyira in North-West Rwanda. In the primary school we have provided funds for rebuilding and improvements. But our main achievement is providing opportunities for secondary education for children from the poorest families who would otherwise not be able to afford school fees. Although Rwanda is moving away from boarding