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Chester Marathon - one month later

Keeping my fingers crossed seems to have worked - I've been OK this year. No illness, no injuries, and I've managed to build up the mileage again, even managing a couple of long runs, and a couple of interval sessions. No races yet, but I'll get started next week, and then try to do a race every month. People have been generous, and have still come forward with sponsorship money, but as we're a month on, I'm going to close the Chester Marathon fund. The final total was £160 - £105 cash and cheques, and another £55 through my online sponsorship page at bmycharity . By the time Gift Aid is added, the total amount will be over £200, so I'm happy. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me - all money raised goes to Shyira Trust, and every penny is used for Safe Motherhood projects, including the sponsorship of a student midwife.

Chester Marathon - one week on

This time last year - a week after the Windermere Marathon - I was laid low with a chest infection. Fingers crossed, I'm OK this year. I've started running again, albeit very slowly, and will gradually build up over the coming weeks. More importantly, people are still coming forward with sponsorship money. Mostly cash and cheques, but also some through my online sponsorship page at bmycharity . I don't expect to get as much as last year's £400, but if I can get to about £200, I'll be happy. Thanks to everyone who has already sponsored me. As usual, all money raised goes to Shyira Trust, to help sponsor the training of a midwife, and other Safe Motherhood projects.

Chester Marathon - one day on

To say it didn't hurt would be a lie, but I got round OK. A few blisters, a few aches and pains, but overall, feeling quite comfortable. Of course, I could have done it better, but there's always next time. I set off with the aim of breaking 3hrs 30min, meaning I had to aim for fairly consistent 8 minute miles. Sadly, my pace judgement is not what it used to be, and I ran the first mile in about 7:15. I felt so comfortable, but should have run slower than target pace for the first couple of miles. I did deliberately slow down, but was still going too quickly, and suffered for it in the closing stages. All's well that ends well though - I did beat my target. Just! I actually finished in 3:29:21, so had a whole 39 seconds to spare, and still had enough energy to smile for the camera. Or grimace, it's hard to tell!