Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chester Marathon - one month later

Keeping my fingers crossed seems to have worked - I've been OK this year. No illness, no injuries, and I've managed to build up the mileage again, even managing a couple of long runs, and a couple of interval sessions. No races yet, but I'll get started next week, and then try to do a race every month.

People have been generous, and have still come forward with sponsorship money, but as we're a month on, I'm going to close the Chester Marathon fund. The final total was £160 - £105 cash and cheques, and another £55 through my online sponsorship page at bmycharity. By the time Gift Aid is added, the total amount will be over £200, so I'm happy.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me - all money raised goes to Shyira Trust, and every penny is used for Safe Motherhood projects, including the sponsorship of a student midwife.

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