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Walking 4 Maternal Health in Rwanda

Walking was supposed to be the easiest of the three disciplines - but it has proved to be the most difficult :-( Not the actual walking, but sorting out the logistics. I had planned to start at Penrith and walk the route of the Roman road to Ambleside, but it has proved more difficult than originally planned. The plan was to stay in Ambleside, get public transport to Penrith, then walk back via High Street. Unfortunately, the bus timetable changed over summer, so what had started as a viable arrangement became impractical. We still managed to do a walk from Ambleside - the Fairfield Horseshoe - but not anywhere near long enough to be classed as a challenge. We also did 40-odd miles of the St Paul Trail in Turkey, but that was spread over 6 days of walking, so again, not quite the challenge I had in mind. It was moderately difficult, but nothing like as hard as I had hoped for when I set myself the target, so for now, I am going to abandon the RunWalkRide4Rwanda supporti