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Liverpool Santa Dash 2009

A great day, and a great result. The team all turned up, and enjoyed themselves, and apart from a sudden downpour, the weather was kind to us. Some of us took the fun-run more seriously than others, and one of our team actually ran it twice, but the emphasis was definitely on fun. More importantly, we've raised loads of money for midwifery training and safe motherhood projects in Shyira, Rwanda. Before the event, we'd hoped for about £1000 between us all, but we've already surpassed that from just 5 or 6 of the team, so we're hopeful of getting at least £1500 and maybe even £2000 when all the money is collected. Twelve of the team (and Molly the border collie) are pictured above, before the start. The lure of a hot coffee after the finish was too strong for three of the team, so the 'after' photo has only nine of the team posing near the Victoria monument. A big thank you to everyone who supported us by sponsoring us, and thanks to Jeb Smith photograp