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Liverpool Santa Dash 2012

There are Santa Dashes, and there is the Santa Dash - the Liverpool Santa Dash, the biggest and best in the UK, and probably the world. And for 2012, the biggest and best has just got bigger and better - the Liverpool Santa Dash 2012 has teamed up with ITV's Text Santa appeal, aiming to bring over 10000 Santas to the centre of Liverpool raising funds for charity. Once again, I will be running for Shyira Trust, raising funds for Maternal Health, Midwifery Training and Safe Motherhood projects in Rwanda. In previous years we have had a team, as many as 15, but this year there may be just me. However many we have running, we will have fun, while Running for Rwanda. If you would like to help, you can, and you have two choices - you can join me, get sponsorship, and we can all run for Rwanda. Alternatively, to help me raise much-needed funds for Maternal Health in Rwanda, you can sponsor me at and every penny raised by Shyira Trust, plus Gift Aid, will be used

Almost a year goes by ...

It's almost a year since the last 'running' post, but don't worry - things are still happening. Maybe not much running, but things are still happening for Rwanda. I stopped running after falling during a run on March 12th - the second time this had happened - so decided to quit before anything serious happened. Since then, I have heart surgery to cure a long-standing heart problem, and hopefully allow me to run without feeling faint, and keeling over. So far, so good. I had my first run on October 27th, and have done a couple of runs since. Not far, and not fast, but at least I'm running again. Join us at Liverpool Santa Dash 2012 My last 'race' was last year's Liverpool Santa Dash. All being well, my next race will be the Liverpool Santa Dash 2012! As always, anything I do will be targetted to help the aims of Shyira Trust - Poverty Relief, Child Education, and Midwifery Training and Safe Motherhood in Rwanda - our very own Millennium Developm