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R2R - Some Stats

As promised, some stats about our little jaunt: Total Mileage (up to Sat 29th August) 4260.36 Days to complete 149 days Average daily mileage 28.59 Running days logged 745 Average 5.72 miles per person per run. Territories crossed: 10 - England, France, Italy (Sardinia and Pantelleria, a comune of Sicily), Libya, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan (the world's newest nation), Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda Starters 12 Finishers 7 Max runners 11 (on April 5th) Min runners 1 (June 10th, 27th, July 11th, Aug 1st) No prizes, but worthy of mention: Most miles Rebecca (737), Matt (688) Highest monthly miles Pete (177, July), Matt (175, June), Rebecca (172, July) Highest daily miles 26.2+ Matt (3 times), Rebecca (2), Nadhim (2), Sheri (1) Most days running Pete (118 days) To prove that we had quality, as well as quantity, an honourable mention goes to Lisa - Winner, Wirral 5k (6th April) & Southport Race for Life 5k (15th May) & probab

R2R - We're there

We've finally made it, so just a quick update to let everyone know, and to thank you all for your patience and your perseverance. I'll do a final roundup with some stats, and some info about Shyira, our final destination. You might be interested in the stark contrast between where we started and where we finished up. Everyone have a great weekend, and thanks again for everything. I'm going to miss this

R2R - South of the Equator

Welcome to the Southern hemisphere! We’ve made it beyond the Equator, so are very nearly there – less than 100 miles to the Rwandan border, then about another 20 miles to Shyira, our final destination. By co-incidence, tomorrow we’ll have a visitor from Rwanda. Dr Caleb King is an American doctor, who has spent the last 7 or 8 years in Shyira with his family. Until recently, Caleb was the director of Shyira hospital, so was one of our points of contact in Rwanda. He and 2 of his daughters are visiting the UK to meet up with his parents who are visiting from the US. While here, they are paying a flying visit to Formby, so it will be a good chance to catch up, and to hear his plans for the future. Good running everyone - soon time to put our feet up!

R2R - 4000 miles - only 240 to go

Another week, another landmark – we passed the 4000 mile mark on Thursday evening, and at the last reckoning, have reached 4011 miles. Thanks to everyone still logging their miles, we’ve only got a couple of landmarks to go, and we’ll finally be at our destination. Next up is the equator, at 4120 miles; then it’s downhill to the Rwandan border, at 4225 miles; finally reaching Shyira at 4245 miles. Actually it’s 4244.58 miles – 4245 would take us past our target, and down the precipitous hillside to the market at Vunga! We don’t want any more accidents at this late stage ! I’ve been struggling for the last 10 days, having strained my medial knee ligament – and I wasn’t even running. I had been planning a 20 mile training run last weekend, but that had to be postponed. Hopefully, I’ll be OK for this weekend, otherwise I think I can forget about an autumn marathon for this year. Good luck to anyone racing this weekend, and if you're training, I hope your plans are on track – i

R2R - Getting closer - only 2 more countries to cross

Since the last update, we've been making slow, but steady progress - and we're still going strong. We've had a few problems with injuries, work commitments, and holidays, but we'll keep going, and get there eventually. Our route has taken us across Sudan, and over the world's newest nation - South Sudan - and at the last count, we werre about 20 miles short of our next border crossing, which will take us into Central African Republic. After that, we cross DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) before finally crossing the Rwandan border.Then it's just a short hop to our final destination, Shyira. Thanks for sticking with us, and even if you're no longer with us, thanks for your miles in the early days - without your help we wouldn't have got this far.