Tuesday, 30 August 2011

R2R - Some Stats

As promised, some stats about our little jaunt:

Total Mileage (up to Sat 29th August) 4260.36
Days to complete 149 days
Average daily mileage 28.59
Running days logged 745
Average 5.72 miles per person per run.

Territories crossed: 10 - England, France, Italy (Sardinia and Pantelleria, a comune of Sicily), Libya, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan (the world's newest nation), Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

Starters 12
Finishers 7
Max runners 11 (on April 5th)
Min runners 1 (June 10th, 27th, July 11th, Aug 1st)

No prizes, but worthy of mention:

Most miles Rebecca (737), Matt (688)
Highest monthly miles Pete (177, July), Matt (175, June), Rebecca (172, July)
Highest daily miles 26.2+ Matt (3 times), Rebecca (2), Nadhim (2), Sheri (1)
Most days running Pete (118 days)
To prove that we had quality, as well as quantity, an honourable mention goes to Lisa - Winner, Wirral 5k (6th April) & Southport Race for Life 5k (15th May) & probably some more that I'm not aware of.

And finally, thanks to Jane, who by her own admission is not a runner, but who still weighed in with a very helpful 236 miles. Without her passion and enthusiasm for the last 10 years, this whole thing would not have taken place.

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