Red Nose Day 5k

Well, that was surprisingly good - in more ways than one !

Apart from initial contact, I hadn't seen any publicity about the run, and half expected to be lining up on the start line with just a handful of friends and colleagues, but was amazed to get there and find dozens lining up alongside me. At a guess, there were over 100 there, so Comic Relief should benefit to the tune of about £800, maybe more. Well done to everyone who turned up.

On a personal note, I was hoping for about 22 minutes, but expected to struggle, due to health problems, but somehow managed to conjure up a half-decent performance from somewhere, finishing with a time of 20:41. It must be that new running4rwanda running vest which was appearing for the very first time !

NB: Official results are here - there were 132 finishers, raising £899. Well done, one and all


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