Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sign up

Are YOU running a race, or taking part in a challenging event ? Are YOU willing to raise funds for Shyira Trust by raising sponsorship ? Then get signed up !

Although this blog was set up to report on MY fund-raising exploits, anyone can join in, and I'll report any fund-raising being carried out, so long as I have the details. Also, I'll provide an on-line sponsorship facility, so long as I know about the event.

If you are running in a race already covered, then go to and follow the link to 'Become on online fundraiser'. Once you have done this, you will have your own personal fund-raising page which you can tell your supporters about.

If you are running a race that is NOT already featured, tell me about it through the 'Contact me' link, and I'll get the events list updated, so that you can start fund-raising as above.

I will of course post any news about any fund-raising by anyone, so any feedback, reports or photos is most welcome. Remember - this is not MY blog, this is the running4rwanda blog.

So let's get Running for Rwanda !

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