Monday, 10 November 2008


The purpose of this blog is to pass on news and views relating to charity work being carried on in Shyira, a small village in North-West Rwanda. More specifically, it is intended to publicise events (usually running) being used to raise funds for Rwanda

I will publish anything I feel is relevant, and invite you to link through to the website of a small charity of which I am one of the founder trustees. I will give info on its work, on any new fundraising efforts, and will also give details of any forthcoming events and any achievements by the charity or any of our supporters.
Shyira Trust works to relieve poverty, promote health, and advance education in Rwanda, especially in and around Shyira.
This blog will report on many events and achievements, primarily, but not exclusively, those related to maternal health, midwifery training and safe motherhood.
Thanks - now feel free to see details of the work of the Shyira Trust, especially the work for the Maternity Hospital -

Running for Rwanda - the name says it all


Martin said...

Hello Peter, really like the blog I think it's improtant to draw attention to Shyira in as many ways as possible, I think people will engage and find the information interesting and informative. I look forward to finding out more about development in Shyira (Rwanda) through your blog. Good luck with the fund raising I hope to join you in this years Liverpool Santadash!

dk said...

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