Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Contrasting views (2) ...

Six things you may see in Blackpool, that you won't see in Shyira:

The Tower (obviously).
Trams - or any transport, come to that. There may be a hospital vehicle or 2, or you may see a wooden scooter/cycle (pictured right), but apart from that, everyone walks.
The illuminations - in fact you'll be hard-pressed to see anything electric - the only electricity is from the hospital generator, which only fires up for 2 or 3 hours a night.
The sea - Shyira is 600 miles from the nearest sea.
Holidaymakers - you may see visitors, but they are usually visiting the hospital, or one of the projects being undertaken.
The zoo - the only animals you see are for food, or for lugging heavy loads (pictured left). Pets ? What are they ?
In Shyira, you will see rampant poverty and extreme hardship, but you will also find smiling children, and kind-hearted adults. Even if someone has next-to-nothing, they will still invite you into their home, and share a meal with you.

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