Running 27 miles 4 Maternal Health in Rwanda

Well that's the running legs out of the way - more than half of the BTR Liverpool Tour of Merseyside done. It was hard work, but good fun in a painful sort of way.

Tuesday's 10 mile run took place along the Sustrans cycle trail from Walton Hall Park. Heading South along the disused railway line, the route reached Broadgreen before returning to the start. A further mile or so North, then turning again to return to the start point. I'm not sure of the accuracy of the course, but a time of 1hr 14min was my fastest 10 miler of the year, and my best for a long time. 49th overall, 42nd male, so not too bad

Thursday's 5 mile race around Hale seemed harder - probably because I was still feeling the effects from Tuesday. I last ran this race about 15 years ago, and it hasn't got any easier! Slower than hoped for, but 37min put me in 69th position, 62nd male.

Saturday is usually my chance to have a lie-in - not this week! I needed an early start to get to New Brighton for this 12 mile run to Hoylake and back. I really struggled between 3 and 5 miles, but recovered and finished strongly, passing people for most of the return. A time of 1hr 34min place me 41st overall and 36th male, my best of the week.

Overall, a good chance to get some decent running done, and also a chance to show the Running4Rwanda vest to a wider audience. Who knows? Next year I may do the whole Tour of Merseyside and run the full 52 miles in aid of Safe Motherhood and Maternal Health in Rwanda.

Until then, there's still the little matter of a walk and a bike ride to get done:


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