Thursday, 3 November 2011

News just in - Fidele has qualified

E-mail just received from Rwanda:
The final results was published recently, I have finished the courses successfully and now I am a qualified midwife. I am very happy for that and I will always keep in my mind people that have led me to this achievement ( the first one is you). Now I am looking for school documents to present to Shyira so that I may start working as a midwife.

Who says you can't make a difference? Thanks to the support of people like you, Shyira now has 2 qualified midwives. We'll continue to support Fidele and Robinah, and safe motherhood projects in Shyira. When the time is right (when we've got enough money), we'll pay for the training of a third midwife.
To achieve these, we're running the Liverpool Santa Dash 2011, to raise much needed funds (see below). If you'd like to help us, please visit our fund-raising page and give whatever you can - it all goes to the projects supported. And it all makes a difference!

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