Round-up - 19th April

Mixed news from the weekend, so let's get the bad news out of the way first.
On Saturday morning, my 13 day running streak came crashing to earth with a bang - literally - so I've had a couple of days of enforced rest.
Moral of the story (1): If you go out for an early morning run without breakfast, make sure you are properly hydrated, and use the right energy drink.
Moral of the story (2): If you bang the back of your head against the pavement, it won't be the pavement that gives way.

Right, on to the good news:
We had 3 runners in the London marathon - Rebecca with a PB of 4:17; Nadhim just outside his PB with 3:58; and doing his 3rd marathon in 3 week-ends, Matt in 3:57.
Well done, one and all.
And well done to everyone who is putting in high mileage in preparation for other upcoming marathons and half-marathons - your miles are getting us further and further across France. At the last count, we had accumulated over 700 miles, to take us beyond Grenoble.

Our next milestone is 833 miles, which will take us across the French Riviera at Juan-les-Pins / Cap d'Antibes and over the Mediterranean. I've run round Juan-les-Pins / Cap d'Antibes many times, so it will be like old times.

For those of us doing more modest mileage, well done - those miles are just as important, and will help us on our way. As I said before we started, it doesn't matter whether you're comfortable doing 10 miles a day, whether you do 10 miles a week, or if you struggle to do 10 miles a month - every mile counts, and gets us nearer to our goal.


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